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Mississippi Bankruptcy Court

Filing a bankruptcy in Mississippi Bankruptcy Court means that an individual or an organization is admitting that they cannot clear their payment of debts and wants to be freed from further debt payments. The primary reasons for filing personal bankruptcy are unforeseen medical expenses, excessive credit card debt, loss of employment, and divorce. Needless to say many of these events create not only financial difficulty but also a tremendous amount of disruption and distress in and of themselves. This makes it especially important that individuals consider all available options and bankruptcy alternatives to make sure whatever action they settle upon is in their long-term interest. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of Bankruptcy Law and Bankruptcy Court Information are the two main chapters under which individuals can file personal bankruptcy.

The state of Mississippi has two district courts to trial all the bankruptcy file-suits, Mississippi Northern District Court and Mississippi Southern District Court. The court locations of the northern District are Aberdeen, Greenville and Oxford. It is the duty of this court to oversee the cases of 37 counties including Washington. The Mississippi Southern District Courts are at Biloxi, Gulfport, Hattiesburg, Jackson, Meriden, Natchez and Vicksburg. There are around 45 counties under its jurisdiction.

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It is the duty of the various administrative offices of Mississippi Bankruptcy Court to provide the official Mississippi Bankruptcy Records easily accessible to anyone who is interested. The database lists all Bankruptcy Court cases in this state and also provides other useful information about the cases and Bankruptcy laws. The online records also have useful links to bankruptcy Organizations, committee and groups making people aware before going into any sort of partnerships with them.

For the calendar year 2008, the Bankruptcy Record for the northern District of Mississippi filed 5,894 cases with highest in the month of October with 658 but closed 5,214 cases. The total number of pending files at the end of December was 10,307. In this year 2009, there have been a 3,517 file suits until August. The total cases that are completed are 3,715. Though the month of March has witnessed the largest filed cases up to 695 but the same month has seen the largest files being closed which figured 725. There have been 10,668 cases pending in the northern district court until now.

Among the recent cases of Mississippi Bankruptcy Court Records include Robert Stewart (plaintiff) v. The Law Offices of Catouche Body, LLC and Catouche J.L. Body (defendant) booked in July 31, 2009 with case number 3:2009cv00452 in the Jackson Office of Southern District Court only signifies the high growth rate in Bankruptcy case filing in the US. The trustees are R. Michael Bolen and Ronald H. McAlpin and Judge Tom S. Lee is handling the case at the moment.

Another relevant case is that of Susan Lisa Campbell, the appellant v. R. Michael Bolen, the appellee. At the moment, this case is being presided by Judge W. Allen Pepper and is filed in February 4, 2009 under 2:2009cv00025 in the Delta Division Office of Mississippi Northern District Court.