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Florida Bankruptcy Court

When an individual or an organization fails to pay their creditors the debt amount then this inability of an individual or an organization is legally declared as Bankruptcy. These bankruptcy public records are of the companies or individuals filling for bankruptcy. This bankruptcy filling means that the organization or an individuals financial earning is not enough to ones financial obligations.

The various Florida Bankruptcy Court in the three districts are, The US Bankruptcy Court Northern District of Florida, The US Bankruptcy Court Middle District of Florida and The US Bankruptcy Court Southern District of Florida. The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Middle District of Florida is the third busiest bankruptcy court, of the 90 federal districts, in the nation.

The northern district courts are located at Gainesville, Panama City, Pensacola and Tallahassee having around 23 counties under its jurisdiction while that of the Southern District are located at Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and West Palm Beach. The big Middle district has courts at Fort Meyers, Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa.

In Florida, there are two kinds of bankruptcy:

Reorganization, wherein an individual or organization files a new payment plan which addresses their financial obligations in Florida.

Liquidation, wherein the state sells the assets of an individual or an organization to get back creditors debt.

Florida Bankruptcy Court

The Florida Bankruptcy Court records are easily accessible to the public. Florida has an administrative office that allows people to look up these bankruptcy records. These administrative buildings have the facility of providing an official website which provides these records. There are helpful links that contain information about the bankruptcy laws. These links also gives one the information about the bankruptcy organization, the discussion group and committees. This information is considered to be a public record that is very easy to get. One can also acquire information through automated voice service through telephone that is available for free. Any investor before making any investment in an organization must refer to the bankruptcy record because it is very important to know or check on the future partner. Florida Bankruptcy Court record provides an excellent source for researchers like business students and entrepreneurs.

In the year 2002, in Florida there have been a total of 92,177 file suits. 90,374 of them are recorded individually as a consumer and only 1,803 Bankruptcy records were business purposed. The statistics show that most of the bankruptcy cases are filed from the middle district because demographically, approximately ten million of Florida's eighteen million people reside in the Middle District of Florida. It contains thirty-five of Florida's sixty-seven counties including several of Florida's largest metropolitan areas. It counted 52,923 records while the southern district listed 32,656 cases and the remaining only 6,598 were from Northern district. Cases under Chapter 13 figured high number of filings. 65,307 consumers applied for Bankruptcy in Chapter 7 whereas there were 25,014 individuals for Chapter 13 in comparison.