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North Dakota Bankruptcy Court

Once a bankruptcy case is filed under the law of Unites State of America, it becomes public. The citizens of North Dakota as the citizens elsewhere in the country can view every detail of a North Dakota Bankruptcy Court Record. Once the bankruptcy case is filed it stays in the public access system for a period of 7-10 years.

Apart from just viewing the Bankruptcy Court Information online, it is also possible for an attorney to file a bankruptcy petition online. This has been made possible by the ECF or electronic filing process. This system has many advantages and you can view the details of your case information online without having to visit the North Dakota Bankruptcy Court. A complete list of document needed to file for bankruptcy can also be accessed from the official website of North Dakota Bankruptcy Court. Filing only a minimum number of documents initially allow you to initiate your case quickly. However, filing of all the documents is necessary and failing to file them in time will only cause delay. Repeated extensions due to non-filing of essential documents may cause your case to be dismissed altogether.

You will also get the added utility for going through the North Dakota Bankruptcy Records for free although there is a small cost involved for participation of attorneys. While browsing through the North Dakota Bankruptcy Court Records you can also check out the list of Credit Counseling agencies as well as the Financial Management Courses within the district of North Dakota. If you are keen on knowing the local rules of the North Dakota Bankruptcy Court you can obtain the documents from the clerk's office for a fee. Alternatively, you can download the local rules from the court website for free.

Access North Dakota Bankruptcies Online

It is simple to access records of the North Dakota Bankruptcy Court if you have PACER registration. Once you complete the online registration form, you can obtain your login ID and password online on providing your credit card. You will have to wait for the login Information which will be sent to you're address by US mail if you don't provide your credit card online. The Government does not divulge such sensitive information over email or fax nor is it given over phone. You can, however, download a Fax version of the form if you experience problems with your online registration form.

While searching for a North Dakota Bankruptcy Court record online, you need to click on the links to PACER websites and select the link for North Dakota. You can then search by the party name, case number or other search options available on the website after selecting the 'Query' tool from the tool bar. You should enter the company name as a last name field in case you are searching for a bankruptcy record against a business. The search may prove to be a little more difficult if you do not know the exact location of the case filed. Make sure that you use the U.S. Party/ Case index present within the PACER site in order to search for a State, courts within a circuit or a majority of courts at one go. The 'courts not included' box needs to be checked so that you can be sure of the courts records found. The 'Date Range' report will return the current data when you are looking for recent, updated bankruptcy records.

You can download the relevant documents for a record by clicking on the docket number or an icon next to it. If you do not find the required documents, you will have to order them from the clerk's office as they will not be accessible online.